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Ten years ago I was at the beginning of my life. I was 18, a high school graduate,optimistic, free and naïve. I had the best time of my life and felt like I could run the world. Anything was possible in my eyes, but I couldn’t find the start line to success. I had very limited ideas on where to start to success. All of a sudden time was moving fast and I was use to having all the time in the world. I felt thrown to the wolves. Everything that was down was now up and back was forth coming. I grew frustration with the new responsibilities of my life.  I was an adult. I wanted to have the privileges of a child and the perks of an adult. The more I realized that I couldn’t get both, I became more frustrated. College was put on hold and I wanted money quick. I worked at restaurants and then nursing homes and then I realized….that I have been working against myself for a long time. I realized that I am responsible and was responsible for my life decisions. I was self-indulging myself for sooo long that I didn’t realize the affects my decisions made on my life. I guess EVERYTHING BAD IS GOOD FOR YOU if you learned from it. So here I am young,optimistic, free and aware. I am substituting poor decisions for “will this help me in the long run?” decisions. I CANT blame anyone for not informing me because TEN years ago, I knew it all. So what are you gonna do with this note?



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